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Monday, 19 April 2021
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"Bottesford" - A short film
Wednesday, 02 February 2005
The "Bottesford" film was drawn, animated & produced by Matt Sandbrook.
It takes you on a journey through one our famous Bar Nights using fantastic artwork and almost scary realism. It is available as a free download from this site so get downloading! From arriving on the train at Attenborough station through to the terrifying scenes of Trisha in the morning - this short film (around 7 minutes) takes you to one of our Bar Nights. You'll see the hall: the scene of many-a-trip; the living room: a place to murmer & mumble nonsense and of course The Bar itself: the scene of some destruction & confusion of the highest order!

Matt now explains the inspiration behind the film:

"While travelling back from Nottingham, I tried to make sense of the night that had just passed. I wasn’t sure it had actually happened so I made a list to try and track down all of the night’s events.

It was book-ended with journeys on deserted trains and contained hazy recollections of a barbeque with cheese buns, stairs covered in chocolate coated biscuits and bothering an Australian in a kitchen. Marlon Brando had passed away during the night and I had glimpsed the most pieced man in Britain hiding in the crowd. Months later, I found an old video tape that had recorded a chunk of Trisha featuring the pierced man.

The film was created using Adobe After Effects and 3DS Max. Or maybe it fell out of my skull like a racoon, desperate to escape so it can be free with all the other nightmares. Some things should be forgotten and left to seep back into the walls of the bar.

Thank you for watching."

"Bottesford" is available as a free download. It is a DivX encoded film file so you'll need a DivX movie codec.
This can be found here (This is the free Xvid codec - click first link on this page)

To download the movie- click the icon below!

                     Download Bottesford

(This is a 21mb download and will take a long time on a dial up connection)

This film may not be distributed without our permission and is copyright Matt Sandbrook & The Bottesford Bar 2004.
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