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Wednesday, 02 February 2005
The Bottesford Bar began its life on the 10th October 1998 with the meeting of a group of people... During the autumn and winter the group grew larger until The Bottesford Bar was officially born in January 1999
This section contains a selection of web-based nostalgia from over the years showing the growth of this most wonderful enterprise!

On the menu bar there are several sections to choose from:

Bar Diary 1998-2002
This contains all the photos, sounds and history of the Bar from its birth through to 2001. This is taken straight from the old Bar website and has not been changed except minor corrections.

Old Bar Website 1999-2001
Our first website- ugly, technically rubbish but our very first home on the web! This is the complete original intact website and is mostly working fine. Many external links are now (obviously) dead, including the chat forum. However, amazingly, the guest book is still working!

Members Area 1999-2001
This area was for our members and had a special log in system. It has all our news, events and other Bar information. Note: This is for logged in members only.

Old Bar Website 2001-2004
The second incarnation of our site; and the one used right up until this new site. This is not hosted on our server, but on the Internet Archive (a depository of almost the whole internet from 1995 onwards!). Some pictures may not work correctly but most of it should be ok. Note: If you want to view the Diary section then better off using the Bar Diary link on this page!

Motion Disco Website 2000-2002
This is again an Internet Archive link to our old disco company which we founded in 2000. It lasted for just over 2 years. Note that the menu system does not show up properly so to navigate just move your mouse around the white left hand panel- you'll see some links come up eventually!

Stan's Flame Website
An 'interesting' page created by one of our former (and very bitter) members. Note: This is for logged in members only.

'Phrase of the Week'
A list of our famous 'Phrase(s) of the Week' and 'Word(s) of the Month'. These were all invented in the early days of the Bar from 1998 to 2000. A complete list of them used to hang in the Bar until the May 2000 refurbishment. This page is taken straight from the old 1999 website.

How Long Ago?
Listing some of the Bar's significant dates from early in its history- this page shows you exactly how long ago those events were. Want to feel old? This is your place!

And now a history of the Bar....

Cow, Horse & Duck - some road signs we erected in summer 1999
These were removed in early 2008 so survived a good 8 and a half years!

The Bottesford Bar began its life back in October 1998 when a group of people met for the first time at a party (Nick's 18th in fact).
The group grew & grew over the next few months until in Janurary 1999 we decided to make our own bar to drink in. We obtained some spirit optics, a bottle of vodka & two crates of beer. The Bottesford Bar was born.
The development, almost death and rebirth of The Bar can be seen in the Bar Diary.

The Bar today is a completely different thing from its early days but continues the tradition of crazy parties, adventures to random places and supporting everyone who is part of us. Our concentration now is on technology and creativity be it lighting, music, film or artwork. The 'old' Bar is still running but will eventually be rebuilt elsewhere....
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