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Monday, 19 April 2021
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Tuesday, 19 April 2005
Contact Us
If you've got any comments, ideas or just want to contact us for some reason- then go ahead!

Hit the carrier pigeon to mail us!


Member List
If you'd like to contact any of our members or use instant messaging to reach us then see the Member List on the menu bar to the left.

Useful technical assistance for members when trying to submit articles, events and gallery items to the website.

Known Site Problems
There are a number of problems we know about - mostly to do with formatting for different browsers. These are:

  • Title graphic has extra blue bits on the end - especially in Internet Explorer
  • Funky, graphical editor does not work in Opera
  • Various minor formatting errors which differ browser to browser (a real pain!!)
  • The Gallery has problems from time to time where pictures goes missing. If you find that happening - let us know and I'll fix it (again!)
  • 'Cookie' problems meaning our 'Who's Online' box claims there's more people online than there actually is! A problem in Opera browser I think.
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