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Monday, 19 April 2021
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Tuesday, 19 April 2005
Full technical help to come soon.. Here's a few brief details- any questions then just ask!


  • To submit to the BottesZine mag simply hit 'Submit Article to BottesZine'
  • Wanna add a link? 'Submit Link' it your path...
  • You will be presented with a 'Word'-like typing area. Have a play around with it- see what you can do! Any badly formatted stuff will get cleaned up by us so don't worry!
  • NOTE: The nifty editor only works with modern versions of Firefox, Netscape & Internet Explorer. It doesn't work with Opera yet (annoyingly!). This will be fixed as soon as it's possible!
  • ALL articles & links are moderated before publishing so don't expect them to appear instantly..
  • NOTE: Not all members will be able to post to BottesZine! If you want to be able to do this, and presently can't- just ask!
  • WARNING! The system will log you out after a certain period of inactivity (i.e. not changing page). This can happen if you spend a lot of time writing an article so PLEASE save your text in Word (or even write it there) to avoid loosing everything!

  • Gallery

  • Try out your Gallery! Everyone gets their OWN gallery to put pictures in to. Simply head to the Gallery section and press 'Your Gallery' or look in that lovely User Menu..
  • All photos appear instantly so be sensible. Anyone putting unacceptable stuff up there will have their gallery swiped away & burnt at the stake.
  • There's a 2mb limit on all galleries.

  • Your Details

    Remember to hit 'Update Your Details' to put some more about yourself, to add an 'avatar' or to change your password (recommended!).
  • Note: These details are publicly visible. However your email address is not displayed.

  • REMEMBER: You MUST be logged in to be able to take part in the site! You will also prevent a LOT of the content from being visible! Golden Rule- be logged in!

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