The Diary: April 2000

Bar night's continued their dominance as the best night of the week and we had a couple of other interesting nights...

Dress Like a Tit night
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Probably one of our most interesting fancy dress nights- dress a badly as you can! And boy was it bad...

Oh dear me! Paul as 'Backwards Boy', Linda as... something, John as.... something....

A pair of tits! I am of course referring to what Nick & Laura are wearing.... ;)

Donna (the battered housewife on this night!) and Nick in front of our Motion Disco signs!

John shows us his feminine side!

Flat Eric and Sheena!

To keep us all thoroughly entertained there was another Linda/John party!

The Mirror Ball Party
So called because of the presence of a mirror ball in John & Linda's front room! Well beats a normal lamp don't it!

Donna, Lisa, Linda, Laura and Caroline- note the cd decoration on the wall! Made from old AOL cd's...

Nick (in Motion Disco livery!) and Laura somewhere near the DJ desk.

The girls! Mel, Lisa, Caroline (looking shocked!), Laura (hiding- what is she doing ??) with Linda and Viki up front

Motion Disco: Down The Drain Party
Done for my mums work, this was our first 'real' disco. It went very well but was a lot of heavy lifting! (especially our new subwoofer speaker- 'Claire'). We took a few photos of which a sample is below. For some reason no pics were taken during the disco!

The full setup surrounded in cones (well it was a council party...). The new large main speakers can be seen here along with 'Claire' on the floor. Gives us a total output of around 500 watts of sound power!

Trying out the lighting- the Terminator gives this great lens flare effect!

And again- the sound to light units show up well in this photo. If you click through to the large picture you'll see the laser...

Mixing the tunes- using two computers and a mixer!

And there was another...
Bar Night
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