The Diary: April 1999

Easter holidays brought us our first big fat barbeque!

Easter Barbeque
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We wanted it running from 3pm till the middle of the night which it just about did! Drunkenness, sausage throwing and much much more! Oh dear that sounds bad...

The picture with much debate attached to it- did Stan set lots of things on fire? Well the picture tells all.... (This image is not thumb nailed)

And later on the happy faces...

......of Nick, Linda, Tom,. Squid (rear) and Paul. Think it was getting quite cold by this point! (This image is not thumb nailed)

But following the barbeque we all decided to walk to the local nature reserve! And why not?! We ended up walking about 3 or 4 miles along the River Trent! The police stopped us- asking where we were going at 3am in the middle of nowhere... I seem to remember coming out with some drunken gibber- oh dear me... Luckily no arrests were made and we returned home!

Zoe & myself had somewhat of an argument that night- she even snapped a snooker cue! Now that's scary stuff!! A few days later the bar's first couple ended for good.

Stan & Linda were at each other throats too- what was wrong with us crazy people??!!