<              The Diary: August 2000

After the hugely successful festival- we just kept going! A big fat bar night on the 12th with lots of photos! Also in August (following the bar night) we replaced the carpet in the bar with varnished wooden sheets of plywood. This meant spillages (a fairly regular occurrence) could be wiped up instead of soaking in! Also it looked far, far better than the tatty old carpet. This was the last major upgrade to the bar.

A Bar Night
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Donna & Julie continue the drinking- as you can see from most of the photos, it was a hot night!

A busy bar- Nick & Laura holding hands although talking to different people! 

Staring down at the floor! (shortly before the carpet was replaced)

Sheena gets wrapped in toilet roll- what a mess the place was after that!

And again...

Linda & Laura in the bar.... 

At an angle- Linda & Martin, busy drinking his Red!

Rachael & Laura on the bed mid bar night! 

Sarah gives it some tongue!

Julie shows off her brand new fish tattoo- very novel!

Paul is caught in the corner of the bar... 

Linda with some dropping straps... hmmmm....

Pictures of pictures! They were displayed from July to about Christmas- you can see them in full in the June & July sections.

Now outside after the bar- Julie & Sarah!

And again- Donna (left), Sheena (rear) and a dancing Sarah!