The Diary: August 1999
Summer carried on much in same fashion- parties, weekly Bar nights and going to the boozer!
Near the start of the month Donna & Nick split up, Hannah & Katrina slowly drift from the bar but there are many more to replace them...

Linda's party
Linda & her dad kindly offered a party- an offer always taken up on! She hung cd's on the wall for decoration and had a mirror ball too!

Mel, Lisa, Laura and Linda do the funky chicken! Well kind of.... (This image is not thumbnailed)

See all those pretty cds on the wall- made up of all those annoying AOL cd's you get sent... Linda, Donna, Nick, Laura, Mel & Lisa chatting away...
(This image is not thumbnailed)

Jones & Paul salute to beer! (This image is not thumbnailed)

DJ John rolls out the tunes! (This image is not thumbnailed)

and of course...

Bar nights

- Music playlist for Sat 7th August

- Music playlist for Sat 14th August

In the weird but wonderful bar- Laura, Adam & Tom. (This image is not thumbnailed)