The Diary: December 1999
 Frantic new year's eve planning was underway- a fat party was on the way.. but first...

Christmas Bar night
- Music playlist available

But I have no photos! I remember cracker pulling, christmas songs, beer, building sites (don't ask) and also going to the boozer on Christmas Eve!

Following Christmas - 3 months of planning, construction work, various equipment purchases and music preparation all came to fruition at....

New Years Eve 2000 Party
- Music playlist available (although not accurate after midnight as we made it up as we went along!)

It was to be our biggest and most professional party yet. We wanted a club atmosphere with lighting, smoke and tunes; we wanted a bar running all night; we wanted fancy dress; we wanted pizza! We also wanted a wicked atmosphere. We got all this.

The party was also our longest so far- running from 3pm New Years Eve right through, non-stop, to 9am New Years Day. It was also our first event where we had to charge for tickets (due to the expense of the set up) but at only a fiver it was a bargain!

The New Years Eve 2000 ticket- slightly battered and our only one still left...

We began setting up the day before the party in Mat's house by screwing in the optics, lighting and putting the bar in place. This took most of the day- although I disinctly remember spending ages in Asda buying pizzas! It was quite a good day really- Spencer chose to get drunk!

On New Years Eve itself the work began at 11am and included putting up Union Jack bunting, putting up signs and doing those 'last minute touches' to things! Checking playlists, cleaning, testing.....

The completed set up- with DJ desk on the left (with sound-to-light unit visible) and the bar to the right with optics and lighting above. The computer played the music and we had another computer acting as a till for the bar!

A close up on the bar showing drip tray, beer mats, cocktail shaker and a speaker to the right

The Union Jack bunting, the price list, and us! Mat, Nick & Paul finishing off the setup! 

1345  - The first mini-disc recording of the night (or afternoon!). Just me & my brother testing the equipment and generally messing around...
1400 - We're now putting up the Union Jack bunting!
1430 - More setting up! Brown sugar, cat biscuits and only 30 mins to go...

There are a lot of photos and sound samples from this party so you'll find the event split into sections below:

(These files are remotely hosted at Angelfire)
 3pm till 7pm
 7pm till midnight
 Midnight till the end