The Diary: January 1999

Our first new years eve party- our biggest and most drunken event up to then.

!! New 2005 Photo Alert- you can find some new additions at the bottom of the page !!

New Years Eve
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It ran from 7pm till about 2am and certainly proved to have 'interesting' moments- Martin drank a full litre of vodka, Mat & Mel got... busy... and Laura went for peoples' trousers!
As said- new bar members - Laura Bassett (going out with Dan Martin) and Mel Lee (going out with Neil xx) joined us for the first time at new years eve. They said they felt the 'need to drink' having met us- say no more....

The group shot or the 'wizard' shot as it is known! Nick, Laura, Mel, Zoe (the Wizard!) and Stan.

A party scene! Nick (back), Laura (arm in air), Mel (front), Spanner (Adidas top) and Stan & Paul in the background.

Another crazy crazy party shot! This time Mel & Stan up front and Zoe waving in the background.

Yet another group shot and a newly 'discovered' photo! Only just found this one of Zoe, Nick (rear), Stan, Laura, Mel.

Before I get to sordid (?) bits of the party.... yes we did dance!

A busy scene on the living roo... errm.. dancefloor! Visible peeps- Zoe doing something with her hands, Mel, Nick's head and Laura hiding behind me!

Zoe's famous shot- doing a dance and looking quite funky indeed! The computer can be seen on the floor running the tunes!

Another drunken lady- this time Laura in the hall- sporting Felix the cat across her chest!

Another newly discovered piccy- Mel taking a picture of (we think) Laura who is taking this picture! Zoe & Nick are dancing...

Ok to the sordidness I promised! Drunken parties being what they are- couples like to.. well how can I put it- 'play'. Most of this was not caught on camera (lucky for me, sorry them! hehe...;)) but some evidence was leaked out! See below...

Just known as 'Bodies' this shot shows Nick on Zoe and Paul on Linda. I remember our maths teacher seeing this shot- that was an interesting lesson! You can see our funky 'lighting' - the computer screen with a screensaver....

Who took this I do not know! A stomach churningly close photo of Paul & Linda!

Naughtiness was not confined to 'legitimate' couples- Laura got a little frisky with Nick & Stan and Mel got more than frisky with Mat! See the evidence...

Naughty Laura touches Nick's trousers- I was powerless to stop her! Zoe is watching and not liking as you'd expect! You can also see Mat's back to the left- now what is that all about?

Laura also went for Stan's trousers- in search of his boxer shorts..... he later demanded his pubic hair back....

Even naughtier! Some people just can't keep their hands to themselves! Who can blame them... Mel & Mat under the Christmas tree!

Stan is pouting his lips in the kitchen- why we wonder... Another newly discovered photo this one!

Later in the party, Nick looking a little drunk holding on to Zoe who is sober.... yeah righty!

Later in January something important happened... Yes we had exams but more importantly we found Bottesford on a map and decided to visit it- it became our idol- why? Just because ok! We bought two optics (for serving spirits from), a bottle of whisky and a bottle of vodka. The Bottesford Bar was born.

Despite our new found identity - our happy group began getting slightly tense, most likely exam related. But still we drank....

!! 2005 Addition: Some recently found photos that I think should be added here. Enjoy!

Nick, Zoe & Stan just about pose for the camera...

Laura smiles as Mat gets 'busy' near the christmas tree

The picture we were never meant to show- Mel & Mat getting to it!

Spanner, Paul & Linda give it some trumpet!

A delightful shot of Nick with his tongue out!