The Diary: July 1999

Summer begins and with it lots & lots of partying! And it all began on Saturday 3rd July with....

The Bottesford Summer Party
- Music playlist available

Our latest technological item was first used at this party... the sound-to-light unit. Basically it was 3 bulbs on a plank of wood that flashed in time to the music. Unfortunately we managed to blow one of the chips before the party started so it was two bulbs flashing! You can see the unit in this picture...

It's Nick, distinctly red eyed (as I always do in photos!) sitting behind the bar before the party started- the sound-to-light is to the left.

By now we were up to 3 optics- Archers had been added to the line up- and there's some Martini there too!

Mid-party- Mat is ready to serve drinks from the bar! Where did that yellow light come from?

Cheeze factor 10! Linda & Mel give us some grin! Ali hides to the left...

The girls at the summer party- Linda, Laura, Lisa & Mel

Linda drinks, Laura... well I just don't know....

Trust Spanner to fall to sleep!

And at the end... Dan, Laura, Lisa, Mat, Linda, Nick (drunk) and Jones in the hall

And only two days later...
The College Ball
Well when I say 'ball' I really mean a buffet in Sqaure's, Nottingham then to Faces nightclub for a night of (expensive!) drink. Think a number of us didn't enjoy it too much (for one reason or another) but here's the photos!

All pints together! Us in our suits and dresses! To the left is Alan who liked picking fights with bouncers... Nick, Mat, Paul & Zoe head towards drunkenville!

Another group shot- this time Mat, Nick, Linda, Paul and Zoe taking a dive for some reason!

Man with a purpose- The Jones! Nick watches on... (This image is not thumbnailed)
Some kind of crazy group shot! Alan, Nick, Jones, Paul & Linda all drink the beer!

Couple shot- Paul & Linda- where's that bow tie gone?
The curse of 'random bloke' The guy on the right has shown up on a number of occasions- including one party when he walked in a bared his arse! He appeared so often he got named Random Bloke! Seen here with Paul, Jones & Linda!

Happy faces of Nick, Linda & Paul- I reckon we weren't happy as we weren't drunk yet...

Also in July Zoe leaves the Bottesford Bar and Nick & Donna and Mat & Rachel get together. Certainly a very busy month- and don't forget the weekly...

Bar nights including 'Cheezy Music Night'
- Music playlist for Sat 10th July- Cheezy Music Night

- Music playlist for Sat 17th July

- Music playlist for Sat 24th July

By now Bar nights were getting to be absolutely packed out on a weekly basis (much to the annoyance of my parents!) meaning the bar got richer and richer... Various friends of friends would come along and either stick with it- or run in fear...
Our playlists began including more and more top club tunes and less and less silly themes (in moderation we all love to hear Inspector Gadget- but not every week!) except... Cheezy Music night of course. Cheddar was laid on thick that night!
Now I've just gone over these playlists- just realised how terribly unstructured they are- they jump from genre to genre of music just like that!
Goes from a top club tune straight to Zippy from Rainbow type thing! Still we learnt from these mistakes...