The Diary: March 2000

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March 2000 saw a big change at the Bar- total refurbishment. Out with the old tatty wallpaper, posters and clutter and in with a new more stylish bar. New lighting, painted walls, neatly wired equipment and an all new air conditioning system!

The Opening Bar Night
- Music playlist available (Sat 18th)

The mighty Bottesford sign! Illuminated by our new lighting (not too visible in this shot).

A good picture of the all new Bar showing optics, sign and price board

A view of the Bar itself with Rachel to the left. The bamboo wooden front to the bar lasted only a few months until the bar itself was modernised.

A great view of the other end of the Bar showing the equipment- twin sound to light units, 2 strobes and the Terminator light (the fan is there cooling the amps down). Mat is funking to the tunes on our opening night!

A view of our two main lights at the time- the Wild Blaze to the left and the Terminator to the right. The beams are made visible by our smoke machine which hides on the floor under the desk.

Nick & Laura enjoying the new Bar- probably drunk by this point...

It's Sir Tails (Scampi) - the Bar cat!

And our new sister company...
Motion Disco
With our expertise are providing parties we thought we'd turn our attention to discos and actually make some money out of it! Motion Disco has its own website, logo and has done a number of parties, discos and other functions!

[2005: Logo missing!]
Our disco logo!

We wern't short of them this month....
Bar Nights
- Music playlist available (Sat 4th)
- Music playlist available (Sat 25th)