The Diary: March 1999

March '99- next in line for adulthood- Linda who turned 18 and had a party in a pub.

Linda's 18th
Linda's dad, John, was our DJ for the night and we had a full buffet and all!
Nick & Zoe's relationship was under some severe strain by this point- ended up with me talking to her in the girls toilet! That scared a few people I remember...

Mel & Linda take to the dancefloor!

Linda shows she knows how to blow... blow out candles that is....

Linda gets the 'birthday bumps' courtesy of friend Ceri (rear) and Mel (front).

Dan decides it's time to kill Laura- what did she do?

Despite the problems- extremely cheezy grins from Nick & Zoe!

Another cheezy one - this time Mel & Neil!