The Diary: May 1999

By May the Bar had established itself as a regular drinking place with events almost weekly (albeit small ones!). From now on playlists of music were being kept so are all here to look at! Our first event in May was...

Bottesford 80's night
- Music playlist available

It was to be our first themed night- in the end it failed horribly! Back then we were somewhat short of music so much of the 80's was either depressing or far too slow for a party. This meant no one really got in the mood for partying and the music was soon changed! I then left with Zoe for a walk so have no idea what happened for the rest of the night!

Bar nights
- Music playlist for Sat 8th May

- Music playlist for Sat 15th May

- Music playlist for Sat 22nd May

- Music playlist for Sat 29th May
Our weekly drink was by now just about all from Saturday nights at the Bottesford Bar. The Bar itself at this point was still my bedroom- although it was far from average!

The Bottesford Bar as it was from about 1996 until refurbishment in 2000. Bottles on the shelf, the Freak Gallery, a 6ft missile supporting various 'oddities' and a very burnt and stained carpet! (This image is not thumbnailed)

The Bar was basically a magnet for strange signs, pictures and other items- more on these in later months...
But we were expanding now... in May came a brand new addition to the bar- a bar! The custom built bar was designed and built by Mat and made the place much more... well 'bar-like'! See June for pictures...
The end of May saw a sad (?) day...

The last day of college
After two years of Lakeview college we were finally leaving! There was a barbeque, many photos taken as well as 'Clash of the Titans'....
Jones vs Hannah- the big fight live in the physics lab!

The last maths lesson... Zoe (fighting with her camera) and Linda can be seen at the back.

Zoe had trouble with her camera and is seen here battling with it! In the end I took pictures for her with my camera!

Then for some reason a pool que fight began outside...

Stan holds his big stick as Amy & Will watch on... (Amy & Will provided the field for 'Party in a field' - see July)
Stan with that stick again- this time heading for Hannah's....

Zoe trembles from the big stick- Hannah holds no fear!

Hannah in the common room with Zoe's hair to the right!

The Jones sporting South Park!

It's Stan! 

A 'just for old times' type shot- Zoe & Nick

Linda & Zoe strike a pose!

The end of the day, and an era- Mat, Reshef, Zoe & Linda

Mat, Linda, Zoe & Nick pose next to some animal road signs which 'mysteriously' appeared over a number of days.... ;))

Now where on Earth do you find horses & cows near the college??

Exams were still ahead....