The Diary: November 1999

And back to winter! November saw big changes at the bar- we went semi-professional! A smoke machine, a large 600watt disco light named 'The Terminator', a scanning light called 'Wild Blaze' and a 90watt strobe light joined the bar! This created a real club like atmosphere in the bar- why the sudden huge to buy lights? Well we had New Years Eve coming up- for the year 2000 so we wanted it big plus we had a fair bit of cash (Spencer put a fair bit in for the equipment). Besides it was fun to play with.... Some pictures of the lights working below....
We also gained a new member- Liz from my university who came to a few events!

To the woods!
- Music playlist available (short)
And off we went- with barbeque set and booze to a small woods we know of. In true Blair Witch style some of us had set up some hanging stick figures to scare the living sh*t out of the rest of the group! And it worked a treat! It was, however, figured out and the night carried on- drunken with burgers, marshmallows and scouts! Yep some scouts arrived doing something or other but they left us to it...

Bar nights

- Music playlist for Sat 20th November
- Music playlist for Sat 27th November
Carried on- even more wicked with funky lighting!

The mighty Terminator The funky Wildblaze