The Diary: October 1999

October saw another growth in people at the bar- Sheena Belton, Sarah Downes and Spencer de Caville joined us!

A year on and it's Nick's 19th & Paul's 17th birthday party....

Nick & Paul's birthday party
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This party included people being sick, lots of dancing and TONS of drink being sold at the bar!

Mid-party; Spanner on the floor, Spencer & Donna at rear and Sheena & her boyfriend Chris
(he was later very sick... we had to suck it up with a hoover- oooh nice!)

Our god- Flat Eric - off his face on Carling Premier!

Now what is this? Spencer, Rachel (buried) and Mat on the yellow chair! 

  Spencer reaches for Donna leaving Rachel under there somewhere! Mat to the right (not Mat G who is in the bar!)

That yellow chair again- made worse by a pink Linda with Paul! 

Laura's little family... Spanner & Jones and the beer!

Eric & The Jones - mean and rough...

Too   much   vodka   and   party   make   Rachel   go   ccccrrrraaaazzzzyyy!! Mat tries to help... 

It's Donna with some drink in her hand!

Red Bull on the head! Paul & Linda with Nick behind the bar

Linda & Paul near the bar- arrrr...

Bar night
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These were somewhat less frequent than summer (not able to have them as often plus less people around) but were still a success! Opening hours began extending - first from 7pm back to 6:30pm (close at 11pm)....