The Diary: September 1999

In September we suffered our first hit- university. It meant spreading a number of us all over the country:
Nick - To Nottingham Uni (I went far!)
Linda- To Manchester Uni
Jones- To Warwick Uni

With me being so local the bar carried on- and we could end the summer with out a bit fat bar night!

Bar nights including the 'Farewell' night
- Music playlist for Sat 5th September
- Music playlist for Fri 17th September
- Music playlist for Sat 25th September

Bar nights continued almost weekly- but the biggest in September was just before some people went to uni...

A good view of the bar itself with a row of empty bottles on the shelf indicating their price- can also see Nick to the right and Rachel & Tom to the left.
(This image is not thumbnailed)

Nick tonguing some Metz (I was drunk ok!) - shows the optics above the bar well!

Another 'interesting' feature to the bar was a huge poster of Anastasia on the ceiling- always with a speech bubble with 'something to say'!

Nick & Laura pose for this piccy next to one of the bar's other features- 'word of the month' & 'phrase of the week' see bottom of page...

In front of the phrase of the week/word of the month board, Laura, Nick, Lisa

Paul, Linda & Martin (striking the pose... again...) sitting on the bed in the bar

The Jones holding his pint- in front of another bar feature- the wrought iron sale sign which was 'acquired' one evening (the sale had ended..) on bikes- not easy!
Why would we want that in a bar? Just because!

Arr... Paul & Linda in the shadow of Bottesford...

Mat & Rachel in front of out rather unsophisticated air conditioning system- a fan!

Spanner, Lisa, Martin & Rachel all looking somewhat drunk on the bed- in front of our signs which said things like 'Drink you know you want to' and 'Fancy a double- make it a triple!'. Advertising- but did it work... we think so!

Spanner, Rachel & Tom near the bar showing the 'beers of the world' poster (got that somewhere..)
and the tv stand that was demolished one night when Mat sat on it... he then drank the drip tray!


Word of the Month & Phrase of the Week
From around the beginning of the bar back in Oct '98 we had 'Phrase of the Week' & 'Word of the Month' usually made up when we thought of them and would relate to whatever was going on at the time. These continued until they were abolished when the bar was refurbished (no ideas left!). They were displayed with bits of paper on my bedroom wardrobe and were rather tatty by the end to say the least!

Past 'Words Of The Month'
(starting with newest)

B'oh! (Bow!)

Past 'Phrases Of The Week'
(again newest first)

Salty B*tches!
New Years Eve!
Come & Sit On My Whistling Bed....
I Can't Be Arsed
Onkyblok Onkyblok
I Didn't Do It!
Go Go Gadget Legs!
Cool Beans!
A Big Pair Of Kazoolas
Wicked!..... Indeed....
We're On A Bender We Can Do What We Like!
So What's Happening With Zoe Then?
You're A Muff Muncher!
Some Good Monkey Lovin'
Let's Get It On!!
I've Got A Chicken In My Eye!!!
What's The Phrase Of The Week?!
Have You Got Any Wagon Wheels?
I Need A Beer!
It Wasn't Me!
Lock Up You're Brothers!
Throat Slittingly Good!
Shandy Drinking Botter!