What the hell is this??
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We suspect that a large number of normal people will be wondering why on Earth this place is called The Bottesford Bar and what the hell everything is on these pages- let us explain...

Bottesford is a small village on the Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire border in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom. Our odd group were once travelling along in Mat's 2CV at about 2am one Saturday night when we came across Bottesford. We then decided to worship the village and name the bar within my (Nick's) room The Bottesford Bar. And yes we do sacrifice chickens...
And why did we decide to worship Bottesford? Just because we thought it had a funny name- it's almost the same as the word Botter (a past word of the month). What does Botter mean I hear you ask? Hmm... well it means the insertion of a hardened staff (or stick) into the rear end of machinery... What more can I say? Nothing, if I want this website to stay suitable for all....

What can you expect to find on this site? Well nothing of much use really.. but it should confuse and entertain.. provided you have our type of sense of humour.. if you do then I'd love to hear from you! See the contact page for ICQ# or e-mail! Of course you could join a discussion on the chat section of the page... say whatever you like- we do!

The site is very new at the moment so some stuff is not ready yet- we're working fast on it!
Enjoy- and have beer soon!

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