The Bar

Ok so you've made it to this website- now what on Earth is it about?

This site grew out of a group of people who set up and ran a 'bar' in a bedroom. This bar became known as 'The Bottesford Bar' (after a village in Lincolnshire- don't ask!).

The Bar has grown and grown over the years (see the Diary section to track its development) to the position where it is now a place of technology which provides us with a superb party venue.

The main focus of the Bar is lighting development. This ranges from expensive scanner lighting to more subtle control systems (many of which are built by us). There is a large portion of the website dedicated to the technology of the Bar- do take a look around.

Right so what does the bar look like? Take a look at the following tours to see it all in action!

Day TourLighting Tour