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Welcome to The Bottesford Bar - a site dedicated to our very own Bar!
Here, you'll find lots of information on the past & present Bar and detailed information on the technology & systems we use.
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What's new?
New site imminent... (23/6/05)
Yes, it's finally coming! The NEW site goes live in the next day or so! Meanwhile much of this old site is now dead- the Bar Tour is now gone! See you on the other side... This is the final entry to the old site...

A few temporary changes... (19/6/05)
The new site work is in full swing at present but once again we're out of server space! I have now moved the 'Diary' section onto a different server to free space on this one. However, neither server has room for the large New Years Eve 2000 sound recordings so these have been removed. They will reappear when the new site goes live!

Yep- still working on it! (18/5/05)
Yes we're still working on the all new site! Taking somewhat longer than expected but never fear= it is not far off now! All recent event photo galleries have now gone- so excuse any dead links!

Big Changes! (23/3/05)
At last something is happening! For the last couple of months the site has been undergoing a complete face lift and within the next few weeks will change over to the new version. This isn't just a few page changes- it's a complete rewrite. We will be presenting a dynamic, active website using the Mambo content manager. New photo galleries, fresh content, new forum- the lot! More details on the specifics will follow soon...

However, for this change to happen, the old site will now start to close (since server space is not infinite!). Firstly the 'old' forum has now closed. Secondly a number of the recent photo galleries have now gone since these are moving over to the new system. The older (1998-2001) galleries are to remain intact in the Diary section. We expect the new site to go live in 2-3 weeks assuming I get time to finish it :)

And we're back! (10/1/04)
The site is back up as you can see after a few technical glitches! The site redesign is now under way- watch this space...

Yuck! What's this thing? (9/12/04)
This website is getting waaaay too old! A complete redesign is on its way! This thing needs a proper 'theme' and needs to look more 2005 rather than 2000- god how decades fly by! Yep we're now 6 years old too- crikey mi luwwv!!

New Piccies & New Forum!! (27/9/04)
New photos from a recent Bar Night can be found here!
We have a brand new forum too! No more pop-ups & adverts - just a well cool forum- try it out by clicking here!

We are on a new server! (9/9/04)
The site has now moved to a new server which will make little difference to you lot but will make things much better for me! New content & features are on the way tho! Thanks to Michelle for providing the hosting!

More new photos! (5/5/04)
New set of piccies from Easters 'I Want To Get BATTERED ONCE MORE' party. See here.

Fixed Forum (2/5/04)
Fixed link to forum after ezboard changed their servers. So get posting! Any old nonsense will do..

New Photos! (10/4/04)
New set of piccies from last Christmas and our 'I Want To Get BATTERED' party. See here.

New Tours! (13/1/04)
Finally some new photos! If you head to 'The Bar' section you'll find two brand new bar tours. One features a daylight tour showing what the place looks like; the other shows off the lighting in action. Take a peek!
More new photos coming in the next day or so from recent parties!

New Site Content! (30/10/03)
The Technology section is recieving a long overdue update. I'm creating a 'graveyard' or old/out of service technology from the Bar as well as detailed information on the current systems. I'm also developing a future technology section detailing current & future developments. This section contains info on my 3rd year project- Computerised Lighting Control System. This section will update fairly often showing my progress.
I've updated the Nottingham clubs info page & cleaned up the horrid code Netscape made - doing your own HTML is waaay better!
And the rest of the site? Well I'm going to be pulling out outdated stuff (apart from the Diary of course!), putting in new stuff (& photos!) and reorganising things a bit. Stay tuned!

We're half a decade old! (10/10/03)
Unblievably we are 5 years old! I'm posting updates to the diary section and soon equipment section. The equipment page will be used as an online log of my 3rd year project- a computerised lighting control system.
More updates will be coming soon honest!!

Welcome to the new home of The Bottesford Bar website!
I had to drop the old URL as I was no longer able to easily update the website where it was. So here it is a new & permanent home with more regular updates! Hopefully...
Most of the site has not yet changed- it is simply as it was in a different place. The 'People' page has been updated though. The members section is closed, currently.

Techy stuff: The old website was held on Freenetname.co.uk servers who only allowed you to update your website when dialed in through them. I'm now on broadband so this is less than simple! To keep the old URL would mean a 90 transferral fee! So I decided to register a new one for a fiver for two years and point it at my NTL webspace! Sorted!

The Bottesford Bar supports the legalisation of cannabis for all uses. Click the leaf for more info:
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