The Bottesford Bar: L!VE Webcam!

At certain times we will be going L!VE on webcam so the world can see the greatness of The Bottesford Bar!

NOTE: I am at uni in Norwich so at present you get 'Newmarket Cams'- click a feed for details. Due to limited computer & network resources the cameras do not operate all the time.
Upcoming L!VE events: None as such- except the daily fun of life...

To access the L!VE feed simply select your connection speed from the links below:
(if the camera is online a window will pop up with the L!VE feed; otherwise an error will be generated)

Dial Up Modem (56K) ISDN/Cable Modem (150K) ADSL/Cable Modem or faster (600K)
Note: I only have a 128K upload speed so you may still experience slowing down, even on fast connections

NB: L!VE has nothing to do with the former cable TV station of the same name - Topless Darts has yet to be feature in The Bar....