The Technology : Future Technology

We never like to stay still in The Bar with regard to technology. We're always looking at ways to make the Bar better - especially the lighting systems.
Whether its new lighting effects (when I can spare the money!) or developing new control systems- we never stop! Well kind of...

Current Developements In Progress

Computerised Lighting Control System
This is my 3rd year university project as part of my Computer Systems Engineering degree.
The system will allow all the lighting to be controlled from a computer making the system more flexible & easier to use.
Full details on the system & progress updates can be found here:
Lighting Control System Mini Site

Future Planned Developements

Second Lighting Scanner (or more scans if I can!)
I am after another Mojo Scan I light to go with the existing one. Having two similar scanners makes things look miles better!
Failing that I'm after any other scanners that I can get cheap. Have you got one spare?? Let me know!